The Folkloristic Group

SICILIA ANTICA” from Agrigento, was formed at the end of the 1980’s, it is with out a

doubt one of the highed artistic expression of the popular folkloric tradition of  Agrigento.

The Group is formed of young students who are aware of  how important their own origins are,

and with love and devoted sacrifices they devote their own free time to a single end:

to promote the historical – cultural image of their own country of origin, across the diffusion

of the oldest local traditions. 

The Performance:

The Group proposes goes back various moments of the past: life in the fields, life of the

fisherman, lovers meeting  and matrimony. All this is danced to a frantic rhythm and

hammering music of tarantella, polka, and  mazurka.

The important characteristic of these dances is the speed and the execution of the

various peaces that gives them a high spectacular aspect. 

The Musical Group

(Small Orchestra) Formed of ten people, they play the tipical instruments of the sicilian folklore

such as: “Mancalarruni” (jews harp), “Friscalettu” (flute, made by hand of  bamboo cane),

“Quartara” (jug), “Mandolino” (mandolin), “Chitarra” (guitar), “Tamburello” (tambourine)

and “Fisarmonica” (accordion), everything is treated with craftsmanship and love.

 The Costumes

worn trace back in every characteristic of those of the 1800’s, the lady’s costume

consists of: a wide skirt with pleads (in silk for the summer and brocade for the winter),

a white blouse made precious with lace, a bodice laced up in the front with colored

laces, an apron and and long drawers.

The men’s costume consists of: black corduroy trausers down to the knee, white shirt

and black corduroy vest, at the neck a pair of red “pom-pom”.

During the Christmas season the members of the musical group wear a wool vest and

long cloak, tipical of shepherds on the mountains and with the caracteristic music of a

shawn and bombard they carry out the novena’s (traditional Christmas songs).

 Successively active

from the date of it’s foundation the Folkloristic Group “SICILIA ANTICA” from

Agrigento has participated in a numerous national and international manifestations of

significant importance, obtaining significant approval. For this the group enjoys a higt

consideration in the confines of the  Italian section of C.I.O.F.F. (International Council

Festival Folkloric Organizzation) and of the F.I.T.P. (Federation Italian Tradition Popular).

Also the participations are many to important national, international and regional

television broadcast.


The research activity of the antique popular traditions of the Folkloristic Group “SICILIA

ANTICA” from Agrigento has been materialized with the production of an assembled

musical collection in musicassette and CD’s containing the readaptation of different

tipical pieces like: “Vitti ‘na crozza”,  “Ciuri ciuri” etc.


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